What is more important than the air we breathe?

Now more than ever, the air quality in our home, office, or school is vital to our health and well-being.


Our filter looks different because it IS different

The air we breathe has changed dramatically
in 50 years – your air filter has not.  Until NOW.



Proven technology that makes your air cleaner and safer

Lasts Longer

Change your filters only
four times per year

Cleaner Air

Removes up to 98.5% of dust, pollen, mold and pet dander

Saves Money

Save up to 30% a month on heating and cooling bills

The type of air filter you use makes a difference to your family’s health.

Our cutting edge technology provides 100% filtered air.

Filter technology has not changed in many years- until now. Fiberglass filters do little to remove contaminants from the air. Pleated filters front load and accumulate particulate quickly. The result is restricted air flow that causes your HVAC system to work harder, and air to bypass the filter, negatively affecting the air you breathe.

  • Anti-Microbial Treatment

    All filters are treated with Aegis® Microbe Shield. This anti-microbial formula creates a barrier that disables microbes including, but not limited to, bacteria, fungi, and mold. The inert nature of the coating allows it to remain effective beyond the life of the filter.

  • Improving health and safety by improving air quality

    We realize that family and employee health is a priority. Our desire is to help you protect their health by delivering a product that will aid in providing the cleanest, healthiest air possible by removing harmful particulate from the air we breathe.

  • Let us remember it’s time to change your filters!

    Proper filter maintenance is vital to the health of your HVAC system. Let trueO2 take the guess work out of deciding when to change your filter by participating in our auto-ship program. Filters are sent directly to your door every three months.

  • Multiple Thick Layers

    Unlike typical pleated filters where dust accumulates on the surface of the filter, our filters use multi-layer technology to allow the clean air to pass freely.

  • HVAC Friendly

    The state-of-the-art design puts less stress on the system while providing superior filtration, even in the harshest of environments.

  • Bypass Elimination

    Our self-sealing edges force 100% of the air to pass through the filter.

  • Depth Loading

    Layers of graduated density material are designed to trap particulate of decreasing size as it passes through the superior filter media.

Our filter looks different because it IS different